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Pilates, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

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Pilates is smart exercise.  Our Contemporary training method works not only your core (abdominals and back) but the entire body and is a perfect blend of stretching and strength focused on improving your posture and the efficiency in which you move.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a holistic approach to movement that can be adapted to fit all ability levels. Some of the benefits of this method  include increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy, and a general sense of calm and well-being.


Strengthen your body, mind and wellness with the guidance of a positive and supportive coach. Through a fully customized approach we will help you address challenges (everyday habits, environment, food choices, and stressors) so you can reach your goals.

Roots of Integrity is offering online fitness services

We are offering private, semi-private and group ZOOM sessions in Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, and Yoga. View our class schedule and register for your session online!

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A Holistic Approach to Fitness

Roots of Integrity, under the direction of Briana Kline, takes pride in their work with clients with more ‘complex’ situations.  They have been a safe-space for clients going through treatment for cancer or post-cancer treatment as Briana’s education program Compassionate Movement Practice for Cancer Fighters and Survivors is a part of the Roots of Integrity education for staff. 
In addition their training philosophies and studio care make practice more accessible for clients with auto-immune conditions such rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and lyme disease.  Briana Kline worked for more that 3 years in a Neuroscience institute in research and out-patient clinical care for patients with Spinal Cord Injuries resulting in various levels of paralysis

Roots of Integrity’s mission is to be able to service all clients with all abilities and needs and we make it a point to prioritize clients that can not get safe or effective care in the typical fitness or Pilates studios.

Boutique Pilates, GYROTONIC, and Wellness Studio

Roots of Integrity is a client-centered boutique studio located in Goshen, KY (and ONLINE).  ROI prides itself on providing clients with a whole-body, hands-on approach to fitness with a concentration on breath, mindfulness, and biomechanics.  Our quality, experienced instructors offer Pilates, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, and yoga training in both small-group and private settings.

Improve Posture, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, and Ease Stress with Mindful Movement

Roots of Integrity, Holistic Fitness is built upon the belief that holistic fitness options like Pilates, Yoga, the GYROTONIC® Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method are safe, fun, healthy, and effective fitness plans. Sessions with Roots of Integrity are personal, detailed, and leave you feeling full of energy, peace, and strength.

Meet Our Founder

Briana Kline, founder and owner of Roots of Integrity, Holistic Fitness & Wellness is a Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® movement instructor and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  A GYROTONIC® pre-trainer and a Kane School Pilates Teacher Trainer.

Briana Kline’s history has guided this studio’s mission, to specialize in clients with Cancer (in treatment or post-cancer treatment) and clients with Spinal Cord Injury, other neurological conditions, non-ambulatory, or auto-immune conditions.  Briana is a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma and has 13 years of experience working with Spinal Cord Injuries,  including working in a clinical rehab and research settings in the US top-most Neurorehab Institution.
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New Client Welcome Package

Discover how mindful movement like Pilates and GYROTONIC® movement will enhance your wellbeing and leave you feeling full of energy, peace, and strength.


5 Private Sessions + one call with founder to confirm eligibility and establish a connection and clarity.

May be used for sessions in Pilates or  GYROTONIC® movement

The Whole Life Package

Complete package to help you discover mindful movement and integrate it with other pieces of holistic living to help enhance your overall wellness


  • 5 New Client Private Sessions
  • 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching session (done 1st – up to 85 minute),
  • 1 55 minute BioMat (Infrared Heat Mat)
  • 1 Essential Oil of the Coaches choosing based on HLC session.

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