Our Philosophy


Roots of Integrity, Holistic Fitness & Wellness is a client-centered boutique studio located in Goshen, KY (metro Luisville area) offering holistic fitness training for individuals of all ages and ability levels. We offer Pilates, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, and training in a private setting. Our mission is to find the best holistic fitness program for your needs to help you achieve overall wellbeing.

Browse the website and learn more about our offerings (PilatesGYROTONIC®GYROKINESIS®, and holistic life coaching) and instructors. Feel free to contact us to learn more or schedule a session.

Our Philosophy and Intention

Roots of Integrity, Holistic Fitness & Wellness is built upon the belief that holistic fitness options such as Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are safe, fun, healthy, and effective fitness plans. Clients at Roots of Integrity receive personal, individualized attention and the highest quality instruction. Sessions with Roots of Integrity are personal, detailed, and will leave you feeling full of energy, peace, and strength.

ROI is committed to serving our clients with INTEGRITY. This means all sales are clear, honest, and direct. We work with a “no muss-no fuss” philosophy: all policies are clearly communicated from day one. In the spirit of professionalism, focus, and non-discrimination, we do not make any exceptions to these policies. This also means we will be clear and candid with the client about goals, physical limitations, and exercise prescriptions.

Client Testimonials

If you are weak and stiff, Briana can help.

I used to be a frequent and enthusiastic yoga practitioner, until I got a chronic health condition that affects my joints. No more downward dog. After years of intermittently managing the illness, plus two kids and all the stresses associated with (*ahem*) “adulting,” I finally decided to stop neglecting my health and get some help, before I lost more strength and joint function in my arms and wrists.
I found Roots of Integrity because of its South Loop location. The studio is cozy and has a gorgeous view of the lake, which makes workouts feel very vital.

I started with an intro/mixed package with Briana, and she worked with me to determine that Pilates was the right place to start. As an instructor, Briana is attentive, patient, knowledgable and a consummate professional. I enjoy our sessions, and after a few months, I have considerably more strength and extension in my arms, a noticeably stronger core, and–bonus!–my butt looks better.

If you have challenges with your joints or musculoskeletal system, I highly recommend ROI’s individual Pilates sessions. It is a significant investment, but the combination of physical support from the apparatus and psychological support from Briana will make the impossible feel possible.

Dawn L.

My husband and I have been doing pilates with Briana for over 6 years. She is responsible for getting my husband into the best shape of his adult life. Her knowledge and personal attention to detail for your physical and mental well being is beyond superior.  She has the experience and education to work with every person no matter your fitness or wellness background and/or limitations.  She has helped to increase strength and stabilization while improving our golf game. Briana is a true professional when it comes to meeting all of your fitness and wellness goals.  If you are looking for a safe and effective way to improve your strength, flexibility, wellness or golf game in a safe setting we highly suggest working with Briana. Trust us its worth it!

Claire R.

This is my first experience with Pilates and I absolutely love it! I am rehabbing from a fractured hip in late 2016–after almost 9 months on crutches (that caused 2 broken ribs to boot!), surgery, and tons of physical therapy, I was stuck in my recovery. A friend of mine who loves Pilates suggested I give it a shot and I am so glad that I did. I’ve been going twice a week since August and it has made a HUGE impact for me. I am starting feeling more balanced, developing a strong core, and having a lot less pain with daily activities. I won’t lie, it’s not cheap (these are private lessons) but it is 100% worth it to me to find something to help me quite literally get back on my feel and get moving again.

There are 3 instructors and I’ve had them all. They all know a ton about body mechanics and can tailor your workout to address whatever issues you are having. They are also just nice people who made me feel very welcome even though I have serious weight issues and got very de-conditioned during my recovery from my injury. They share notes on my sessions so there is great continuity no matter who I am seeing that day.

The nitty gritty: The studio is well-equipped. There seems to be no end to the props and tools they find to help you get the most out of your workout. The studio is on the 6th floor across Michigan Avenue from the south end of Grant Park and there’s a huge east-facing picture window with a spectacular view. Day or night, it’s amazing. I drive to the studio and have not had any trouble finding street parking on either 11th or 9th streets (pay box is $4/hour). They use a convenient online appointment system that allows you to buy packages of classes, see your upcoming schedule, and make new appointments.

In short, this place is the best. If any of this review resonates with you then you owe it to yourself to check it out. You won’t be sorry.