Advocacy Care

Advocacy Care Service
We love the high quality care and customer service we are able to provide our clients at Roots of Integrity, in fact, it is our passion.  And our passion for being more than just an instructor for our clients is made possible by your interest and dedication.  We now offer Advocacy Care as an added service to help you meet your needs.What does that mean?
Advocacy Care would include anything we can do for you, the client, outside of the scope of fitness instruction.  Any assistance you may need based on our education, knowledge, or experience outside of what may directly effect your fitness session can now be focused on during separate time dedicated to advocacy care.  This will ensure your fitness sessions remain focused on your workout and any additional advice we give you regarding your health or other needs is specifically requested and desired by you.

Advocacy Care may include:
research and refer other needed health care professionals
research workout programs on your behalf
provide at home workout plans (written and/or video)
research fitness products or gyms
Dr appointment preparation (including possible recommendations on testing to ask for)
visit Dr with client to take notes, help ask questions, and provide follow up feedback
communicate with other health care providers on your behalf
create grocery lists (may be included in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching)
home and work place ergonomics assessmentBilled in 10 minute increments at $15 per 10 minutes

When requesting advocacy care please provide your wellness professional with specific details of what service(s) you are requesting, your needs, & max time you will budget for this request.

please email with interest or questions
Advocacy & coaching with your ROI fitness & wellness professional has limited availability and is done purely as advice, is in no way meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Medical decisions must be done with the consent of your physician.