All the time I see friends and clients boasting about “no sugar” diets. But, upon closer examination, I find the foods and drinks they are substituting for their favorite ice cream or fancy coffee drink are filled with hidden sugars or unhealthy sugar substitutes. There are added sugars hidden in almost everything we eat. Learning how to avoid these sugars is an art form. I challenge you to go to your kitchen and take a look at your bread, ketchup, pasta sauces, coffee flavoring, fruit yogurt, jelly, and so on. These foods that most people think are harmless, all contain sugar! This is avoidable, but like I said, it is an art form and certainly requires more study time in the grocery. My husband hates going grocery shopping with me because I read all the labels and hunt around for the healthiest options of anything we need. Now, after lots of practice, this gets easier. I now know the ketchup, jellies, bread, pasta sauces, etc that I can purchase Organic and sugar-free. The options are few and far between when hunting for the foods with minimal, all natural, organic, sugar-free, ingredients, but they do exist. When you are truly trying to rid your life of sugar, it is essential that you remove it from all the secret places it hides. Sugar has a lot of “code names”, most of which end with “ose”; such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc. Not taking this step not only contributes to the amount of sugar intake you are ingesting when trying to avoid it, but also prohibits your ability to fully relieve your body of the sugar addiction. And if you pay very close attention when trying to cut sugar, you will notice your cravings for these foods and sugar substitutes soon become a staple. They have now become your crutch, inhibiting your freedom from sugar.

So here are a few simple tips to help you break the habit in 2017:
•When you have a craving- try doing one of these things: drink water, eat fruit or organic meat (protein)
•Know the secret words for sugar (as seen below) and avoid all processed sugars, and processed sugar substitutes. I think a small amount of honey or stevia can be healthy and I encourage eating whole raw fruits.
•Detox- the quicker you can rid your body of toxins, the better you will feel, and your cravings will lessen (lemon water, detox baths, exercise, infrared saunas, massages).

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