Tired Of Treadmills? Bored Of Bicycles? Weary Of Weights?

Anyone who has tried and failed to incorporate a vigorous exercise routine into their life understands these feelings. Though a trip to the gym may leave you with that feeling of accomplishment the first few times around, for many, the novelty of intense exercise soon wears off, and returning for another exhausting bout with the cross trainer no longer seems so appealing. As human beings, the temptation to procrastinate never really fails to get the better of us, and it’s easier to slip out of the habit of practicing fitness than it is to get into it in the first place.
In the struggle to get fit it doesn’t occur to most that traditional fitness activities such as running and swimming are not the sole options available. To many, the phrase ‘holistic fitness’ is exactly what turns them off alternative exercise – images of hippies denying the benefits of jogging and promoting their brand of herbal tea often come to mind, but the fact is that holistic fitness is a far more complex, and indeed a justifiably effective method to achieve better wellbeing.
Take Pilates for example, a technique revered by athletes and physical therapists worldwide. While some practitioners’ claims regarding Pilates are disputed, it is widely accepted that the technique does improve flexibility and core strength, allowing students to build physical fitness. This particular method of holistic fitness has become particularly popular in recent years, with studios opening everywhere from the heart of Moscow to the densely packed cities of the United States including Chicago. In fact, Roots of Integrity, Pilates Downtown Chicago is fast becoming a well-known resource for helping people in the city get in shape, feel better, and improve their overall fitness.

Pilates, Yoga, and GYROTONIC exercise methods are all not solely meant to improve your physical fitness but are also largely mental in nature.  Holistic fitness in general tends to be more Mind AND Body focused.  The meditative aspects of this thoughtfulness in movement reduce stress and improve mental focus much more so than a traditional fitness regime. Holistic fitness like Pilates downtown Chicago help participants create a healthy relationship with their body and create a more peaceful mind while improving your overall fitness.
So if you’re feeling the weight of your morning runs bearing down on you or you’re beginning to get tired of daily trips to the gym, you may want to consider exploring the world of holistic fitness with Pilates Downtown Chicago at Roots of Integrity– it could just be what you’re looking for.

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