I intend on writing articles much more frequently than I do.  I get ideas, or itches, to write based on things I feel passionate about, but often I do not follow-through, I worry the topic is too controversial, or I fear I am going to be perceived as self-important.
Today, something struck me to finally write again.  And I think my dear friend that inspired this would be proud! This topic could be expanded on a ton, and maybe I will continue on this topic more as the mood strikes and time allows.  But for now, here are my thoughts on why we, as health and fitness professionals, need to know when to just shut up and be there.

At some point as a holistic health coach you just need to stop telling people what they could or should do and just be there. At some point those with chronic illnesses need to just feel free to live their lives the way they want and they only wish for your friendship and companionship, rather than a fitness instructor and health “guru”. Even if it’s just sitting bed-side waiting for them to wake up, as I was doing here.

This time last year I was saying goodbye to a client, turned dear friend. Today I am sitting in ICU visiting another long-time, dear, client/ friend dealing with things they should never have to deal with. And for this person, the complications and difficulties they have had to face have been going on for SO long. Life is just not fair sometimes. And it seems so often, the most amazing people are the ones that are given this awful path.

To those that assume cancer and health are 100 percent in our hands, I beg to differ. Yes, I’m a health coach and I teach clients how to take control of their own health; but I know from personal experience and seeing others go through their battles that very often some people just get shit luck.

Let’s control what we can, do our very best, and try to be educated in ways we can continually improve our own health. But let us also know when to shut up, be supportive, and make the most of the time we have.


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