Olivia’s Synopsis of Week 2

My second week at ROI was both similar and different than my first week’s experiences. I was introduced to the business side of MindBody, I learned how to answer the phones and sign clients up for packages, as well as ensuring clients are up-to-date on their packets, and I sat in on the monthly “All Staff Meeting.” In addition to understanding the ropes of the business, I was used as the example Pilates client for a new instructor to teach on, as well as I participated in yoga classes. It was definitely a more active week for me in the studio for sure!

On Tuesday morning, I watched a little bit of Val demoing a first Pilates session on an instructor to show her how it is done at ROI. I thought it was a cool experience watching an instructor learn instruction; especially because there is always room for improvement! Val explained to the instructor that once the client achieves ‘connectedness’, that is when the instructor moves on. Practicing Pilates is all about connecting the right muscles to the right places to relieve chronic tension. I am learning more and more about this practice every day that I am here and I have started to really understand its purpose.

Now that I have more experience watching a variety of clients practice Pilates, I have more of an eye of what to look for specifically while I am watching. I look at the control of the breath the client is using during each movement, and the amount of stability they maintain throughout the entire practice. Along with my usual observations, I had the opportunity to give a client a ‘VIBE’ massage at the end of their session. This was 15-ish minute massage using the ‘VIBE’ machine, and, from what I understand, it is used to improve proprioception, neural connectedness, and relaxation.

Overall, I was introduced to a lot of new aspects of the business this week that have enhanced my experience as a whole.

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