Olivia’s review of Week 3

My third week at Roots of Integrity has been my favorite week so far! It was filled with many exciting opportunities and lots of learning from Madeline, Val, and Briana.

On Monday, Madeline showed me how to navigate MindBody, taught me how to input client information, file paperwork, schedule appointments, purchase class packages, and successfully organize the business as a whole. Throughout the week, she trusted me to perform these tasks on my own with her guidance as needed. I really enjoyed spending time with her and learning about her position at ROI. Additionally, Madeline practiced yoga with me on Tuesday evening, which was really fun because I love yoga! I really liked having this opportunity to be adjusted and re-aligned in positions that in a larger class setting may have gone unnoticed. I definitely felt the ‘energy’ !!

On another note, after observing multiple sessions from both Val and Briana, and participating in Madeline’s yoga classes over the past couple of weeks, I have really come to appreciate the unique touches that each instructor puts into their practices. Specifically, I loved when Val said, “let’s do one more of these because they look so good!” These unique touches make the instructor stand out in the most positive of ways, whether it be through words of encouragement, explanations of why one is performing a specific exercise, some extra massaging of a tight muscle (or area of the body), use of props to increase the comfort of the client, or a simple realignment that changes the way the entire body feels.

The most rewarding part of me week was when a client thanked me personally for helping her. It was really special to hear that a small thing I had said to her had positively impacted her life. My main goal, above all else, is to create a positive impact in everything I do, which is why this moment was so incredible for me.

However, my favorite part of the week was actually when I got the opportunity to work on an Exercise program for a client. The client had sent a potential exercise plan that Briana and I looked over together and tweaked. The tweaks we made to this program would ultimately help the client reach their physical goals with more ease. Working on this exercise plan and interacting with the client was a really fun experience.

Week 3 was filled with a tremendous amount of growth for me both in the professional business world and in the exercise science world. I have already gained an incredible amount of knowledge that I am going to take with me throughout my career!

Congratulations Olivia on passing your ACE personal trainer exam!

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