Tips for a Healthier Fall

It is that time of year (some call it “flu season”), time for some tips for a healthier fall.  I am already seeing folks coming into the studio with their coughs and sniffles, even some rashes and skin issues. This may be allergies due to seasons’ change, or viral situations. I am also hearing folks report that they are getting or just received their flu vaccination for the year. All of this to say, it is time for some reminders for your health, and the health of the clients we share space with (some with compromised immune systems).

We are here to help guide you through, and to, support for your health, wellness, and holistic living. We are not nutritionists or physicians, but our holistic lifestyle coaching gives some great tips and ideas for improving your wellness. We also provide advocacy care to help direct you to the appropriate nutritionists and physicians and resources for your needs.

Here are some initial tips and requests:

1. If you get the flu vaccine or any other vaccinations, you are responsible for being aware if it is a vaccine that is a live virus or “sheds” (the nasal spray for flu & MMR are 2 examples) – if so, it is REQUIRED you do not come in for sessions for that week, we suggest you plan accordingly.

2. Use healthy hygiene. Wash hands regularly, especially prior to eating or touching eyes. Drying hands with a clean paper towel or cloth is far more effective than the ‘hand dryers’. Hand sanitizer is provided in the studio and we will ask that you use it.

3. Avoid illness by maintaining proper nutritional balance. Are you getting your necessary Vitamin D, A and C – three main vitamins needed to maintain health and fight off illness? Are you drinking enough water?

4. Relax!  Avoid stress, as best possible. Stress is a leading contributor to illness. What ways can you limit stress? …… Less time on FB, avoid rush hour traffic, limit exposure to negative people?

5. Get adequate sleep, your body recovers when you sleep. Not getting enough sleep can put your body in a state of stress and negatively impact your hormones, which are primary modulators for your immunity.

6. Exercise – Movement, at whatever level you are able, even light movement, will help your circulatory and lymph systems stay healthy and responsive. Exercise also releases positive endorphins, again supporting the adrenals and hormones in a positive way.

7. Get fresh air whenever possible – the air we breath, especially in the season of cold temperatures tends to get very stagnant and “recirculated”. Open windows periodically for fresh air, let your home “breathe”. Bundle up and go outside for a brisk walk daily, getting some exposure to natural sun light and fresh air.

For more ideas and suggestions specific to you or for help fining the appropriate practitioners for your needs contact us for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

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