Today I found it necessary to join the masses in sending out an email to all of our clients and followers letting them know the measures we are taking to ensure we have their health and safety in mind. I was previously assuming they would ‘just know’, but with every business sending out their email regarding the virus it started to feel similar to our recent use of social media, “pictures or it didn’t happen”, mindset. I felt as though it would look like we were neglecting the issue if I did not send an email. So we did. (You can see the information contained in that email below this post).

The conversations around the studio and in our community are completely centered around this virus, or the election – previously holding 1st place in topics of discussion now sitting at a distant 2nd. Which also makes you go ‘hmmm?’. We want to be a place of peace and calm for our clients and staff and these days many people are coming in conversing with each other, or us, about the current events.

Anything I am saying here is not to diminish the potential threat our world and individuals face due to COVID – 19 or our government. But the media and radio run nothing but the election and politics non-stop and now it is the COVID- 19, both topics creating a strong sense of fear and concern in most people. Being someone that is in the “High Risk” category for the virus due to it’s respiratory effects, I am finding myself in moments of high anxiety when I let the worry slip in or watch the news.

I had Bleomycin Toxicity, now referred to as Bleomycin Induced Pulmonary Toxicity, a result of a chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. This resulted in debilitating lung inflammation and pulmonary fibrosis. I was trying to function on 72% O2 saturation prior to being hospitalized for the condition. At the time I had more insight into the dangers of ‘forced’ oxygen with Bleomycin Toxicty than my medical teams did. I literally had to fight the nurses to keep my O2 level they were administering low. And THANK GOD I did! Bleomycin toxitity is increased with the administration of ‘forced’ oxygen – this leads to DEATH. The current data shows that this is something survivors of this lung injury need to remain aware of for 10 years post initial insult – to life. So if I, or others like me, were to get sick to the point of needing medically administered oxygen we are in a pretty scary place. And just the thought of needing to argue with medical staff again to protect my own life brings up so much anxiety and essentially PTSD.

But I digress. I just wonder if the media or government could find a unified and organized way to make this information available to everyone without it being ALL we hear about and see.
I have a couple suggestions, if anyone would like to hear them?:

1. Let’s not point fingers and make this another political opportunity – let’s just work together. Ah ah aaaaah – I can already hear you in your head saying…..”but he did_______ or but they are ___________”, that is not helpful.
2. Inform all people living in the US of a website we can go to to get the most up-to-date info and safety tips, maybe also have 1 television channel dedicated to distributing this info – so people can ‘tune in’ or ‘tune out’ as needed to stay informed but not over inundated with the constant hysteria.
3. Find additional ways to inform those that may not have access to internet or television

The stress this is causing everyone is undoubtedly harmful to our mental health and immunity. The US media has been cycling nothing but dramatic and scary news since at least 2016, beginning with the Presidential primary race. The news used to be a bit more balanced, although in recent history prior to 2016 this was certainly already starting to be a trend. I will not dive into all my “conspiracy theories” and skepticism about our current state of affairs and our government.

My objective here is to say – if you feel your heart drop, like I do, when you think of the implications of this or if you are up at night thinking about these issues, or mulling over the news or articles all with the same theme for hours-on-end each day, you are doing yourself and your health NO favors.

There is little we can control in regards to COVID -19 outside of maintain good hygiene, cleanliness of living and work environment, eat a balanced diet, get all of our necessary vitamins and nutrients, exercise (move the system), and promote health in our mind and body. My suggestion for us all – unplug, get outdoors, breathe in fresh air, and overall do the things that you know promote health!

Stay well everyone!

Information dispersed to our community:
During this time of concern over the coronavirus (COVID- 19) we want to let our community know we are doing everything we can to keep our studio a clean and healthy place.
We have staff and clients that are at greater risk with this virus and we want to keep everyone in their normal, healthy routine throughout this time frame as much as possible.

As of Monday 3/2 we doubled our cleaning of the studio during and between sessions.

And as always, we have a huge container of hand sanitizer right at the entry way. We ask that everyone use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio and after any ‘sneeze or cough’ spell – the team has been informed to ask clients to do this, if they do not see it happening.

We ask that all clients clean their own equipment for the time being and everything they touch – we will consistently go back over the areas with more harsh chemical cleaner as well. We have and have always had a weekly ‘deep clean’ as well.

If you discover you have been exposed or come up sick and it is within the 24 hour cancellation window, for this time period, we will forgive a late cancellation – we trust our amazing clients would not abuse this.

We have Clorox wipes out on the floor if you would like to clean equipment prior to getting on it as well – for your own extra assurance.

We are consistently cleaning the door knobs and other areas within the studio that the clients regularly touch.

This is a stressful time for us all – let’s please limit the COVID- 19 and political conversations in the studio, as we come here to de-stress.

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