Founder and Instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Roots of Integrity Owner, Founder, and Instructor, Briana Kline’s excellent intuition for movement, eye for alignment, and attention to detail make her teaching style easy to understand, safe, and extremely effective. She has been teaching movement since she was in high school. Briana majored in dance and theater while studying at Western Kentucky University and Columbia College Chicago from 1998 to 2000. In 2000, she obtained her AFAA (American Fitness and Aerobics Association) certification and began teaching group fitness classes, yoga, and Pilates. After completing a Pilates mat Certification with Ellen Barrett, Pilates became her focus, and achieving top-level education and certifications became her goal. Briana shifted her focus, attending the University of Louisville to ultimately graduate with a B.S. in health promotion, physical education, and sports studies, with a concentration in exercise science and sports medicine. Throughout her studies, she taught Pilates, yoga, and group-fitness classes, getting more trainings and certifications under her belt, while also dancing in a local modern dance company, Subject to Change, and teaching dance and color guard. After graduating, Briana’s desire for high-level training and work experience took her to New York City, where she studied Pilates at what was then the U.S. headquarters for STOTT Pilates. While on the East Coast, she also taught full-time in a prestigious New Jersey studio directing group-class programs and assisting in managing the studio.

Upon returning to Louisville, Kentucky, Briana not only taught Pilates at her favorite local studio (Core Pilates and Yoga Studio) and gyms, but also spread her wings and developed an interest in the physical therapy side of things. Briana worked at Frazier Rehab and Neuroscience Center in its Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Clinic and Research programs. Her experience working in rehab settings and implementing the Pilates philosophy in a spinal cord injury clinic is another testament to her education, passion, and personal hands-on approach—all of which make sessions with her not only professional and enjoyable, but also therapeutic in nature. Briana completed a teachers’ teacher program in mat and reformer Pilates with PAI (Pilates Academy International) in New York City, and has been invited to be a master trainer for several other Pilates education programs, ultimately deciding The Kane School of Core Integration is the best fit. Briana loves teaching and guiding other instructors through her ROI Residency Program. She has mentored, coached, and managed many accomplished instructors from varying backgrounds.

In 2015, Briana fought and beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma, taking her passion for health and well-being to a whole new level. Shortly after, she fulfilled her dream of opening a holistic fitness and wellness studio Roots of Integrity, in Chicago’s South Loop. Then, in the summer of 2016, she attended and completed certification for C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Level 1. Briana now finds joy in helping her clients beyond their sessions in the studio, but also by providing them lifestyle coaching, advocating for their health, and mentoring Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructors in their professional journeys. What seems like a lifetime in the health in fitness industry—along with her own education, personal life experiences, and understanding that we never stop learning—make Briana a well-rounded and extremely distinguished movement instructor, wellness coach, and business owner.

Teaching Experience: 20 years Pilates and yoga, 7 years GYROTONIC® Method. GYROKINESIS® Method
Education: University of Louisville, BS in exercise science and sports medicine

Specialties: Neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, cancer survivors fitness and wellness, rheumatoid arthritis, and back issues

Certifications and Training: PMA®-Certified Pilates teacher, GYROTONIC® pre-trainer,  STOTT Pilates (full certification and Injuries and Special Populations certification), PFilates (Pelvic Floor Pilates), PhysicalMind Concentration 101, Core Power Yoga Level 1, GYROTONIC® Foundations, GYROTONIC®  Applications for the Fascial Body, GYROTONIC® for the shoulder, spine and pelvic girdle, GYROTONIC® level 2 -program 1, GYROKINESIS® REJUVENATION course with Juliu, GYROKINESIS®lotus blossom, Functional Anatomy of Movement and Injuries (FAMI) level I 2008, FAMI II – Head and Neck, and FAMI II Back, NeuroRecovery Network (NRN), C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Active Isolated Stretching, Former Teacher Trainer for Pilates Academy International (mat and reformer),   and many many more!