Sylvie Pilates instructor Chicago

Sylvie Schwatz

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Sylvie was first referred to Pilates as an early teen when a childhood in classical ballet started to lead to recurring hip pain. From then on, Pilates was her on-again, off-again practice that she used to supplement first her training in dance and then eventually her yoga practice. She began to dive more deeply into Pilates when she returned home from college in the summer of 2018, and completed her initial teacher training through Club Pilates in the winter of 2019.

As a life-long mover, she has a deep respect for the individual needs of each unique body as well as an appreciation for the joy and curiosity that movement and practice bring to our lives. She has also been teaching yoga since 2017, in an active style that blends the athleticism of the Ashtanga system with the intelligence and awareness of the Iyengar tradition. Her additional training in Restorative yoga sparked her interest in how and why each body moves the way it does, and how we can use that understanding as a foundation to see how we can move better to promote happier and more comfortable lives.

The philosophy and values put forth by Roots of Integrity immediately resonated with her, and she is so excited to continue to learn, grow and refine her teaching skills under the direction of Briana Kline and as a part of the ROI community.