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Welcome to Roots of Integrity – we are happy to have you join our community. 

We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.  Sessions with ROI are meant to be thoughtful, personalized, and detailed.  We take a therapeutic approach to many of our private fitness sessions with our clients and enjoy being able to work with clients of all needs and abilities.  Our clients and staff are all invested in being a part of a community filled with respect, positivity, high-quality care, and integrity. 

New Member Specials

Choose your package to get started. After the package is purchased please contact the studio at  to schedule your complementary introductory zoom call and your first session.

May be used for sessions in Pilates or GYROTONIC® movement.

Introductory Sessions

(55 min each)


Introductory Sessions

(55 min each)


Introductory Duet

(55 min each)


Whole Life Welcome Pack

Complete package to help you discover mindful movement and integrate it with other pieces of holistic living to help enhance your overall wellness


  • 5 New Client Private Sessions
  • 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching session 
    (online – up to 85 minutes),
  • 1 55 minute BioMat (Infrared Heat Mat)
  • 1 Essential Oil of the Coaches choosing based on HLC session.

Things to Know before Your First Session

  1. Sessions need to be purchased prior to scheduling
  2. New client intake forms and waivers needs to be completed prior to start of the 1st session
    Click here to fill out Waiver online
  3. If you are trying to schedule please email the studio to inquire about availability.
  4. All new clients will 1st do a new client introductory Zoom call, prior to 1st session
  5. For safety, sticky socks or bare-feet are required in the studio – no regular socks as they increase the risk for falling or sliding
  6. Hands-on, tactile cuing is a part of ROI teaching; please let our staff know if you are not comfortable with this and include a note for this on the 1st page of intake form
  7. Changes in health status, dietary habits, recent falls or accidents, or new dizziness or lightheaded sensations need to be reported prior to session. Any covid related symptoms or any household family member with covid or covid related symptoms requires a cancellation – please email.
  8. We offer water and tea at the studio for clients Currently clients need to bring their own water
  9. clothing choices need to be something you are comfortable moving in and you are able lift legs without losing “coverage”, clothing needs to be fresh and clean
  10. We are an “education” studio so you may have instructors observe sessions, or opportunities to train with “Residents” 
  11. Masks are currently required in the building and upon entering and exiting studio – we request masks during exercise but it is not required (however this needs to be communicated in advance)
  12. Clients must sanitize hands (and wash if possible) prior to and after all sessions
  13. Clients are not to enter the studio more than 5 minutes prior to their session and need to leave after cleaning their space once session is over- to keep capacity at a minimum we can not have people ‘hanging out’ as we would normally love.
  14. Please email to request more information related to our requests and response to the covid-19 situation

**All notes in GREEN are specific to new protocols put in place due to Covid-19